Decorating With Flowers and Plants

 There is nothing better than decorating your house with flowers and plants. It really does make a house a home, and there is some much room for creative expression. 

I’m going to show you how I decorate with flowers and plants.

Since I started taking more more photos of flowers, I have discovered the true value of having them around the house. Not only bringing beauty inside, but colour and scent too. 

By design, our house is very neutral-toned, so it’s a perfect canvas for the explosion of colour a vase of pink lilies or poppies bring. Even just foliage brings warmth and charm to the house. 

It’s so nice to bring nature indoors, especially in winter, when you don’t get to sit in the garden. I’ll just drag plants indoors for a week or so-unless they get lots sunlight-and rotate them around the house. Instead of planting, I’m moving towards more potted plants just for the convenience of bringing them inside.

As an added bonus is, when plants are in pots, my dog can’t dig them up.  

I’m not big on colour pots, I prefer muted tones that don’t compete with the foliage or flowers. Almost all my vases are glass for the same reason. ‘Keep it Simple’ is possibly my life motto.

I love collecting old bottles and props (although I have to move something out of the house if something comes in- it’s our minimalist rule!) so I put everything in old pots and bottles now. If something is just in a plastic pot, I stick the whole pot in a old paper bag, or wrap Japanese newspaper around the pot and tie it with some string. Super simple and effective.

I hope you have enjoyed having a look at our cute home and given you some ideas for decorating with flowers and plants. 

Get those plants inside!

Thanks for joining me and best wishes until next time.


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